Working with Sandy was a powerful process for me ... unleashing my power and getting out of self-sabotage mode. I no longer live my life from my head. I feel grounded, with a lot more confidence, to shine my brilliance. Sandy is so passionate. It was even kind of fun to do the deepest shadow work! She guided me through so much transformation. I highly recommend Sandy.

Marie Sophia Rose, Life Coach, IRAN

Through Sandy's coaching, I was able to be unleashed from painful grieving and the constraints of my past. I could move forward powerfully. Sandy is uplifting and encouraging. I felt safe opening up completely and, simultaneously, knew that I would come away happy and inspired. I felt empowered again. Physically my stomach relaxed, and my spirit come alive again. I knew everything would be all right. The experience left me feeling refreshed and powerfully restored. Sandy provided the tools to dismantle what had me stopped. She comes to each conversation as if it's the first time she's spoken with you. Sandy gives women a safe way to open up, reduce their fears and resistance, and move forward. I often refer my clients to Sandy for coaching on the emotional aspect of their health. And they love working with her.

Roxanne Koteles

Working with Sandy gives me a safe, comfortable place to clear old habits that no longer serve me and allow growth. Our sessions bring powerful results. For example, I took advantage of her signature 911 call when I was experiencing intense lower back pain. We tapped on the pain first. In an instant, an old memory came to mind, a car accident from over thirty years ago. Sandy intuitively directed the tapping to reveal deep, long-buried anger over the circumstances of the head-on collision. I voiced rage for the first time. Then, checking in with my body, I discovered the pain was gone!  She'd just given me six years of therapy in twenty minutes. I've mostly stopped running those self-doubt tapes in my head. And overall, Sandy's Tapping Into Wealth, the deep Chakra and shadow work, and EFT/Tapping are life-changing. My finances have improved so significantly that I'm stunned every day by how money seems to fall into my lap. I'm more healthy and empowered than ever before. Good lord, she's talented!

Leslie Bonner N.D., L.M.B.T., Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, 

Asheville, North Carolina

When it comes to success, I always think of Sandy.¬†She's a Master in her craft. Her ability to relate, and turn stories into lessons, is pure magic, which brings a special edge to her coaching style.¬†I have known Sandy for over 40 years, and I have endless admiration for her talent for living and working outside her comfort zone.¬†She has the courage to grow herself and to grow the people around her, especially when she's coaching her clients from struggle to true potential. That is so special.¬†Enlighten your senses and love for life by connecting with¬†Sandy and allowing her to be your coach. Break through your difficulties and transform your life with Coach Sandy.‚ÄĚ

Geno Stampora, Life Enhancement Speaker, Beauty Industry Expert, Business Coach, Consultant, and In-Salon Educator

Meeting Sandy has changed the way I look at beauty.

I’ve never met someone with the level of authentic passion that she radiates for her life’s calling. With intuitive wisdom, Sandy has the ability to combine humor and sensitivity in her work, which is a gift to anyone who has the pleasure of connecting with her. Thankfully, Sandy is also a gifted writer, I always look forward to her pearls of prose no matter where I live!  And now, you can experience her gifts first hand through her transformational empowerment coaching."

Julie Colvin, Author, Book Project Coach, Ghostwriter, and Retreat Facilitator, Wellness & Writing Inc.


II‚Äôs difficult to explain how years of experience and dedication wrapped into a sweet, humble ball of knowledge can be so impactful on another person‚Äôs life. However, Sandy sure impacts mine. I feel¬†we've only touched the surface of her heart, talent, and mind.¬†I'm grateful that she allows us to dig a little deeper through her coaching and writing ‚Ķ brilliance at its best!¬†¬†Thank you, Sandy, for finally sharing with the world your amazing talent, the incredible secret that many of us have held dear for so long.‚ÄĚ

La Donna Dryer, Owner, He Said…She Said Salon and Beyond, Savannah, Georgia

Sandy is highly intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, and able to guide me to deeper self-awareness. Her coaching is far superior to other programs I’ve tried. I feel less stress and anxiety. I have a greater sense of serenity, self-confidence, and optimism. More new business opportunities have been presented in the short time we’ve worked together. I feel much greater patience in my relationships, let go of negative thinking quicker, and have a much brighter disposition. 

I highly recommend Sandy Evenson to anyone ready to take their life to the next level. She’s awesome!

Howard Kravetz, RE/MAXX commercial


It is difficult to sing Sandy Evenson’s praises adequately. So many talents are all wrapped up in one wonderful package. I had the pleasure of meeting her years ago, which literally made the hairs on my arms stand on end. Her energy and friendliness are contagious. She is one of the rare dear souls who, without asking anything in return, will graciously lift you up on her shoulders to see a world you never knew you’d visit. She does this by giving her knowledge to you in the most usable way. You, in turn, will be affected in a way that causes you to emulate her for the rest of your life…seeking out knowledge endlessly, trying new things, sharing with others, aiming for excellence, and having fun while achieving all of the above. 

Meeting Sandy can change your life. She is the finest example of an extraordinary empowerment coach.

Wanda Stump-Bupp, Salon Owner, The Thrill on the Hill, York, Pennsylvania

Throughout life, I struggled with deep-rooted fears, insecurities about my self-worth, and body loathing issues. I was broke, overworked, and taking care of everyone else but me. And it took a toll on my physical health. Sandy provided a seamless intervention of both concrete healing tools and a therapeutic process that's very meaningful. Sandy taught me the importance of voicing negative emotions and feelings while tapping to move stuck energy. It fueled my healing process. Every session stirred up the emotional and physical discomfort I ignored for far too long. I started paying attention to my own needs. Sandy helped me focus on observing the feelings in my body. She showed me how to tap when I catch myself eating unconsciously and ask myself what I really need. Tapping before bed, I'm finally getting a good night's sleep. People respond to me in a totally different way. I'm more calm, centered, and patient with life as it unfolds. 

I am so grateful for Sandy and her work with me. She's been a tremendous influence and teacher.