Working with Sandy has been the most powerful process for me ... unleashing my power, and getting out of sabotage mode. After our work, I no longer live my life from my head. I feel more in my power and grounded, with a lot more confidence, to shine my brilliance. She is addictive to work with. She is so passionate. It was even kind of fun to go through the deepest shadow work! Thank you so much, Sandy, for being a part of my journey through so much transformation. You have been a significant help indeed.

I highly recommend Sandy.

Marie Sophia Rose, Life Coach, IRAN

I was struggling with several challenges. Through Sandy's coaching and Tapping sessions, I was able to be unleashed from grieving, and the constraints of my past. I could move forward powerfully. Sandy is always uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging. I felt very safe opening up completely, and at the same time had a knowing that I was going to be very happy and inspired when our sessions concluded. The tapping felt natural, not invasive or awkward. I felt empowered again. Physically my stomach relaxed. I felt my spirit come alive again and I knew that everything was going to be all right. The experience left me feeling refreshed and powerfully restored. After a period of not working, dating, and choosing to be alone, I was able to create a very encouraging budget and forecast, started dating, and now host a monthly social gathering.

People ask me how I can be happy, giving talks, and presenting again after everything that occurred in such a short period of time. When you have an intention and have the right tools, you'll get there. Sandy provided the structure and tools to dismantle what had me stopped. Sandy listens. She comes to each conversation as if it is the first time she has spoken with you. She is blessed with a voice that one can easily trust. I coach my clients on the 5 Aspects of Whole Health. I refer them exclusively to Sandy Evenson to be coached on the Emotional Aspect. They have debilitating incidences that have them feeling stuck in their lives. Sandy gives them a safe way to open up, reduce their fears and resistance, and move forward. My clients love working with her.

Roxanne Koteles-Smith

Sandy makes our work together feel like a safe and comfortable place to allow growth and clearing of old habits that no longer serve me.

I’ve done a lot of personal development. But, I hadn't been able to identify the issues. That's what is so remarkable! While doing a 911 call with her, after a back injury, I was in a lot of pain. Sandy was able to ferret out an old accident, from 1986, that my brain kept running in the background. Kind of like the white noise of old stress. She helped me see that my lower back pain was directly connected to fear and anger that I had kept buried deep for all those years. At the end of the call, I told her that she’d just given me six years of therapy in twenty minutes. The pain was gone! I’m moving my body. I've started doing Body Groove, a dance workout.  My brain has mostly stopped running those doubt tapes that were so prevalent before. Oh, it still pops up, but I tap it out as Sandy has shown me. The real change has been attitudinal. Overall, Tapping Into Wealth, the deep Chakra work, and EFT/Tapping is life-changing with Sandy as my coach.

Income has improved amazingly. Windfalls are happening, and debts are being paid back. I remember calling her from an ATM after reaching a personal finance goal. Shouting!! I'm a Rockstar!! We were both elated and she celebrated with me. My finances have improved so significantly that I'm stunned every day by how money seems to be falling into my lap. I also feel healthier and more empowered. I'm so pleased. My secretary seems to think I'm a little more organized, not so much “Spinning in my head.” Also, I am so excited every day to go to work, more energetically myself you could say. My experience, all in all, is excellent. Good lord, she's talented!

Leslie Bonner N.D., L.M.B.T., Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, ASHEVILLE, NC

When it comes to success, I always think of Sandy. She is a Master in her craft. Her ability to relate, and turn stories into lessons, is pure magic, which brings a special edge to her coaching style. I have known Sandy for over 30 years, and I have endless admiration for her talent in living and working outside the comfort zone. She has the courage to grow herself, and to grow the people around her, especially when she holds the space for her clients to coach them from struggle to true potential. That is so special. Enlighten your senses, and love for life, by connecting with her, and allowing her to be your personal coach. Break through your difficulties and transform your life with Coach Sandy.”

Geno Stampora, Life Enhancement Speaker, Beauty Industry Expert, Business Coach, Consultant, and In-Salon Educator

Meeting Sandy has changed the way I look at beauty.

I’ve never met someone with the level of authentic passion that she radiates for her life’s calling. With intuitive wisdom, Sandy has the ability to combine humor and sensitivity into her work, which is a gift to anyone who has the pleasure to connect with her. Thankfully, Sandy is also a gifted writer, I always look forward to her pearls of prose no matter where I live!  And now, you can experience her gifts first hand with her personal empowerment coaching."

Julie Colvin, Author, Book Project Coach, Retreat Facilitator


When I try to summarize Sandy’s value, I seem to always end up writing a book…it’s very difficult to explain how years of experience and dedication wrapped into a sweet humble ball of knowledge can be so impactful on another person’s life…it sure impacts mine. For those who only know a little about Sandy, you haven’t even touched the surface of what she is truly capable of.  For others who claim to know a lot about Sandy, we still have only touched the surface of her heart, talent, and mind. I am grateful as others would be that she would even allow us to dig a little deeper in the form of her blog, and now especially her coaching … brilliance at its best!  Thank you, Sandy, for finally sharing with the world your amazing talent, the incredible secret that many of us have held dear for so long.”

La Donna Dryer, Salon owner, He Said…She Said Salon and Beyond; Business Development, JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS

Sandy is highly intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, and able to guide me to deeper self-awareness. Her guidance is far superior to other programs I’ve tried. I am feeling less stress, anxiety, a greater sense of serenity, self-confidence, and optimism for the future. More new business opportunities have been presented in the short time we’ve worked together. I feel much greater patience in my relationships, and seem to let go of negative thinking quicker.   Work colleagues have noticed that I seem to have a much brighter disposition. 

I highly recommend Sandy Evenson to anyone ready to take their life to the next level. She’s awesome!

Howard Kravetz, RE/MAXX commercial


It is difficult to adequately sing Sandy Evenson’s praises. So many talents are all wrapped up into one wonderful package. I had the pleasure of meeting her 32 years ago, and it literally made the hairs on my arms stand on end. Her energy and friendliness are contagious. She is one of the rare dear souls, who, without asking anything in return, will graciously lift you up on her shoulders to see a world you never knew you’d visit. She does this by giving her knowledge to you in the most usable way. You, in turn, will be affected in a way that causes you to emulate her for the rest of your life…seeking out knowledge endlessly, trying new things, sharing with others, aiming for excellence, and having fun while achieving all of the above. 

Meeting Sandy can change your life. She is the finest example of an extraordinary empowerment coach.

Wanda Stump-Bupp, Salon Owner, The Thrill on the Hill, YORK, PA

A series of emotional traumas in my life led to deep-rooted fears of abandonment, insecurities about my self-worth, and body loathing issues. I took care of everyone but myself. I was broke and overworked. It all took a toll on my physical health. Sandy provided a seamless intervention of both concrete healing tools and a therapeutic process that has been very meaningful. Sandy has taught me the importance of voicing my negative self-talk out loud while tapping, to move the energy to a positive place, relieve the pressure in my body, and begin the healing process. Sandy helped me understand that my insecurities about my body were not just because I was chubby when I was younger. Every session with Sandy stirred up an awareness of the emotional and physical discomfort I have ignored for far too long.

Sandy taught me that being aware of my body helps me stay in the present moment, and I now realize my pattern of pushing my body to the point of exhaustion. She has helped me realize how much my body issues have affected my self-worth, how staying in my mind and ignoring my body means I’m running away from the present moment, and that I bury myself in work so I can ignore my own needs. Sandy has helped me move this energy, where I now give myself permission to be fully present in my body and have started to pay attention to my own needs. She has helped me get out of my mind - I realize it’s a very small playground and it’s time to start taking care of me! Sandy guides me to release the negative self-talk, and as a result, I am determined to give up being wounded. I am focused on learning how to consciously observe myself, stay in the moment, and enjoy being present.

Because of my work with Coach Sandy, I am now tapping right before bed so I can get out of the negative self-talk before I hit the pillow. This has helped me sleep deeper. I also noticed how much I've drowned myself in food and unconscious eating. I now make a point of trying to listen to my body… and be aware of when I’m full and when I’m hungry. People have been responding to me in a totally different way. They have said I seem calmer. I am much more centered and patient with life as it unfolds. 

I am so grateful for Sandy and her work with me. She's been a tremendous influence and teacher. THANK YOU SANDY!