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Are you feeling stuck?

Have you tried everything and still haven't reached your goals?

Manifest optimum weight, health, loving relationships, and prosperity with confidence, passion, enthusiasm, and joy.

Sandy's approach guides you, step by step, out of inner resistance and into a more empowered and powerful version of you.

Your confidence and enthusiasm for life grows as Sandy holds you in a container of safety, with a warm heart, and simple grace. 


  • Coach Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, extensive training, and multi-faceted life experiences to her coaching practice.  

Author, The WOO WOO WAY, Unblock Your Chakras and Transform Your Life

Coaching Certifications:

Tapping For Weightloss 

Tapping Into Wealth 

Intuitive Chakra Mastery

Oracle Guide

Master Faculty Coach, Super Coach program

Excellence in Transformational Coaching Recognition Award

Cohost "Our Empowered Voices" podcast with Coach Kay Walker

Brand Ambassador BOOM by Cindy Joseph 

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"Sandy guides me to release the negative self-talk, and as a result, I am determined to give up being wounded. I am focused on learning how to consciously observe myself, stay in the moment, and enjoy being present."