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The WOO WOO WAY, Unblock Your Chakras and Transform Your Life

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Sharing potent tools and processes to help uncover, heal, and clear subconscious blocks that hold you back from your goals and dreams.

Specializing in EFT tapping, Mind-Body Rapid Resolution Method, Intuitive Chakra & Oracle Guidance.

Go from stuck to success in your health, wealth, and relationships.

Sandy heard the call to coaching after enjoying a life-long, stellar career as a hair designer and master haircolorist. She witnessed time after time how enhancing a woman's external image would heighten her inner confidence. One by one, Sandy helped women look good and feel great. However, her compassion lay with the women who felt comfortable letting their hair down and baring their souls. Now, Sandy's transformational coaching methods are applauded by women everywhere.

A heart-centered coach, Sandy leads with non-judgmental curiosity and compassion. She teaches women how to use powerful, stress-reducing techniques to relieve unnecessary physical and emotional suffering. Held in a cocoon of safety, women can let go of fear, anxiety, frustration, sadness, and loss. And when negative emotions are released, an inner life-force energy ignites into empowered confidence, passion, enthusiasm, and joy.

Shining a light on the hidden emotional blocks that hold women back, Sandy guides them on a life-changing inner journey, to reclaim their inner power.  

Sandy specializes in stress reduction and helping women overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs. Working with Sandy, women can attain optimum health, weight, prosperity, loving relationships, peace and joy.

In her coaching practice, Sandy shares a wealth of knowledge, expertise, extensive training, and multi-faceted life experiences. Her intuitive coaching processes center around visualization, active imagination, chakra clearing and shadow work. And the potent mind-body tool, The Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, tapping, is incorporated into her sessions. Taking a personalized approach, Sandy customizes each coaching program for individuals and groups.

And Sandy's passionate drive to teach women self-empowerment inspired her to write her book,  The Woo Woo Way, Unblock Your Chakras and Transform Your Life.

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