Learn the Tapping technique in the video above and check out the information below with the Tapping Points graphic.

How To Tap

Tapping is an easy self-administered technique.

You simply tap gently with your fingertips on acupuncture points of your face and body while making statements about your feelings and emotions.

Here are the Tapping points most often used.

  • Side of the Hand Point (formerly called the karate chop point) - Along the side of the hand between the wrist and base of the pinky finger. This is also called a setup point to acknowledge the thoughts in your head. I often skip this part and jump right into tapping through the points below.
  • Eyebrow Point - On the bone at the inner end of the eyebrow where it meets the nose
  • Side of the Eye Point - On the bone at the outer end of the eyebrow and beside the eye
  • Under the Eye Point - On the orbital bone, directly under the pupil of the eye.
  • Under the Nose Point - Above the lips
  • Chin point - In the indentation or cleft, under the lips.
  • Collarbone - Find the tips of the U-shaped bone and come down and out at an angle about an inch or so into the indentation.
  • Underarm Point - Approximately three to four inches below the armpit, along the bra line for women. I don't always include this point when I'm on camera or speaking in public.
  • Extra option Fingertip Points - The side of the thumb and fingertips. This is especially great for children, teens, and discreet circumstances.

The Tapping points run along both sides of the body. You can tap either side, left, right, or both. 

I customize my coaching based on the needs of the individual or group.

The tapping is geared to whatever is coming up during private or group sessions.

Each session is recorded which gives you the unique opportunity to revisit the visualizations, processes, and Tapping.

This way you can dive deeper, uncover and clear more blocks,  and experience profound epiphanies.

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